Thursday, December 08, 2005

Computer says no

From Ananova:

A bank robber fled empty-handed in Austria after being referred to a different counter.

The clerk he approached told him she did not "deal with those types of queries".

But there was a big queue for the next cashier at the Landeskbank-Hypothekenbank in Vienna. So the man, who was holding a silver box that he claimed was a bomb, fled before repeating his request.

Who needs alarms and armed guards when you’ve got ingrained inefficiency and unhelpfulness? The Post Office is safe forever.


Duck said...

Is that woman Terry Jones?

Brit said...

No, but it is a man. His name is David Walliams and he is the co-star of a cult BBC comedy sketch show here called 'Little Britain'.

I doubt it would translate well to the States, but it is quite funny (though on a bit of a downward curve at the moment).

That character is an extremely unhelpful bank teller/mortgage adviser/travel agent whose response to every query is to tap idly at her keyboard and respond "Computer says no."