Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Down with Blair, up, not-Blair!

William Rees-Mogg gives a good and concise overview of the implications for the Sunni in the Iraq elections in Monday’s Times.

He concludes with:

What happens to Iraq is what matters most to the world, but the critics of the Iraq policy ought to recognise that they were mistaken, though for the best of motives. Robin Cook got it wrong; the Liberal Democrats got it wrong; many of the London Arabists got it wrong; the Democrats got it wrong in the United States. President Bush got it right; Tony Blair got it right...

...The old Iraq was a murderous tyranny and a threat to its Arab neighbours; the new Iraq may still be fragile, but it is now a democracy, which will regain full independence as soon as the terrorists have been defeated. That is good news for the Middle East, and it is a solid justification for an unpopular war. The world tolerated Saddam Hussein’s genocidal regime in Iraq for far too long; genocide is a solid justification in international law for the decision to intervene.

A pleasant Italian meal with the missus last night was enlivened by the spectacle of a ragged mob of ‘protestors’ stomping up the slopes of Park Street, blowing hooters and whistles and brandishing ‘Blair – War Criminal’ placards. Apparently they do this every Tuesday.

Now I know it’s too easy to mock these straggled remnants of the ‘Not in my name’ fun and games. They numbered about fifteen and all sported the dreadlocks and tie-dye uniform of the Socialist Worker peddler/Glastonbury-is-too-commercial warrior. And in a way I admire them, because they refuse to just melt quietly away.

But what troubles me is this: After watching their parade from start to finish with genuine interest and attention, I still had absolutely no idea what it is they want.

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Hey Skipper said...


Not only is it impossible to find out what they want, it is just as hard to figure out what they would have done instead.